What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the mental foundation that keeps us grounded throughout the twists and turns of the human experience. Life comes at us from all different angles, threatening to throw us off balance or into a mental state of stress, anxiety, and depression. Mindfulness enables us to bring our minds back to the present moment, awake for each experience as it happens without judgment. It gives us the space to self-reflect and appreciate the small wonders of our daily lives.

Intentional mindfulness allows us to maximize enjoyment of positive experiences and minimize our reaction to negative experiences that induce stress, anxiety, and depression. As we strengthen our ability to cultivate a mindful existence, we become empowered to further explore personal growth and transformation- to be more resilient and flexible, creating the life we desire.


Mindfulness in Motion (MIM)

Over the past 20 years, Dr. Maryanna Klatt has implemented mindfulness-based interventions across various high stress populations. Successful completion of the 8-week program has led to significant decreases in perceived stress, inflammation in overweight individuals (measured via CRP levels in the blood), salivary alpha-amylase (a biomarker of sympathetic nervous system activation), associated changes in neural reactivity in older adults, and increased sleep quality & work engagement. The positive implications of these results indicated an opportunity to take the program beyond the confines of academia to benefit the public at large.


Why Mindfulness in Motion?

Mindfulness in Motion (MIM) is an 8-week, evidence-based workplace mindfulness-based intervention that effectively combines community building, mindfulness meditation, yoga, relaxing music to achieve positive outcomes.

MIM has grown in its scope, with over 500+ healthcare professionals participating in the program, as those taking care of patients needed to be cared for themselves. There are many potential widespread benefits in improving patient care quality and patient safety by addressing the well-being of healthcare professionals.  Research on the MIM program shows a 27% reduction in burnout and a significant drop in perceived stress for healthcare professionals by 8 week end, with a significant increase in resilience and work engagement levels!

These promising results indicate the potential for tailoring the MIM program to many other groups! We currently offer MIM to various tracks like busy adults, cancer survivors, and even firefighters.

The Mindfulness-based intervention was developed, researched, and validated at The Ohio State University College of Medicine by Dr. Maryanna Klatt.

"Honestly, I cannot speak highly enough about what this program has offered me… I have learned to better my life and my career which is huge!"

MIM Participant

"The whole program was very helpful for both my work and personal life.”

MIM Participant

We welcome you to Mindfulness in Motion!

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